GOGOX Nigeria


GOGOX Nigeria is a share ride logistics company which focuses on providing extensive logistics services, transportation of freight and goods in urban areas and other delivery services through innovative modern technology.

Over the years, GOGOX has expanded its businesses from Hong Kong to Singapore, Taiwan, Mainland China, South Korea, India,Vietnam and Nigeria. We have increased our presence to over 300 cities, with more than 8 million registered drivers under the GOGOX network. At GOGOX Nigeria, we pride ourselves as Africa’s emerging logistics company, powered by Morden technology with a clearly defined market path across Nigeria and Africa.

We are expanding rapidly through scores of local branches in Nigeria With our footprints set in the areas of personalized on demands services not limited to; Food delivery, E-commerce logistics, Freight Forwarding, Haulage, Warehousing, Distribution and Mail Room services. This rapid growth is largely propelled by our excellent team of professionals and diverse strategic partnerships.

As an indigenous company franchise, GOGOX Nigeria succeeds as an operator with the most working knowledge of the local and urban environment. Backed by our seamless processes, we are now positioned more than ever to compete among logistics giants in the country. On our core line mandate, to deliver, is an affirmation of our excellent process, innovative use of technology and empathic customer experience created by a world-class team. This projected our prompt response to pick-up requests, efficient and secure delivery of shipments, flexible payment system and highly competitive charges.

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