Our History


Prince Luxury group (PLG) was Founded in 2015 by Omoha Nduka John (Prince Omoha) as a private limited liability company by shares. Over the years, The company has rapidly expanded into a Group of fully-fledged diversified in various key Sectors of the Nigeria Economy.


In May 2018, PLG Construction Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of PLG, was established as an indigenous top tier construction firm in nigeria, the idea of the company was conceived as a way to minimised and conserved expenses for the group by owning equipments and machineries to save cost for constructions.


In February 2021, PLG also launched another subsidiary, the leading Hong Kong logistics company GOGO X which was franchised, diversified and incorporated in Nigeria as Gogo express Limited (GOGO X), a logistics company committed to providing extensive logistics services to Nigerians in urban areas through the use of innovative Modern technologies.


In May 2022, PLG incorporated a new subsidiary, BONAQUA bottled water limited (BONAQUA), a mineralized premium bottled water that contains balanced quality minerals to give a distinguished and refreshing crisp taste ideal for active people

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