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About Us

Prince Luxury Group Limited (PLG) is a Nigerian privately owned conglomerate with interests in various key sectors of the economy, including Real estate, Logistics, Construction, Beverages, stocks, and agribusiness. The group which is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, is one the leading and fastest growing Conglomerate Companies. With thriving operations in two countries, Nigeria and Hong Kong presently.

The Group is committed to developing Premium Luxury residential property and commercial buildings, property management, sales, and marketing alongside its extensive portfolio of investments and sizable land bank which have laid a solid foundation for long-term development. The Group also actively takes part in non-property businesses that create synergies with its core business.

Our Vision And Mission

Prince Luxury Group Continues to grow its vision to become the largest Conglomerate spreading across Nigeria and around the world, while redefining lives and developments through its Ultra-luxury real estate development, Extensive Logistics services, premium bottled water, agro productions, and stocks re-investment. In addition, The Group also continues to maintain its corporate social responsibilities by empowering young entrepreneurs, caring for the underprivileged, nurturing talents, and giving back to society through sustainable Employment.

Our Core Values

Our values define us as a company. They form a coherent set of principles that are relevant across our business and underpin everything we do. They are Integrity, Long-term focus, and Quality. Quality, Speed, Efficiency Ever since the Group's founding, the corporate culture of Quality, Speed, and Efficiency has been ingrained into our management model which is vertically integrated from planning, material sourcing, and construction through to project monitoring, sales, and property management. This ensures that top-quality products and services are produced within the shortest feasible time and with the most efficient use of resources. Continuous Improvement Keeping up with the times and latest market trends, the Group has introduced innovative technologies and ideas to enhance overall working efficiency and service quality. The Group also encourages life-long learning through a diverse range of training programs that cater to business growth while providing staff with opportunities to fully realize their expertise and abilities. Teamwork With a focus on team spirit, the Group nurtures a pool of high-caliber professionals by facilitating knowledge and experience exchanges among staff from different departments as well as unlocking their potential. Customer First By constantly innovating, the Group anticipates customers' needs and offers luxury properties and attentive services that exceed expectations. For example, we are the pioneering developer in Nigeria that provides warranty services for newly completed homes.

prince omoha

PLG is a company with a proud brighter future. Our values define us. Our culture differentiates us. Our strategy drives us. at PLG we are customer-first, quality, speed and innovation-driven.

— Prince Omoha

Prince Omoha J. Nduka

Chairman, Prince Luxury Group



PLG is led by leaders who continue to inspire us. We believe that everyone has the ability to make an impact, and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation to the day to day operation of the company.


About The PLG Brand

PLG continues to enjoy a local and international reputation for excellence as a result of its commitment to constantly redefining lives and developments as a means of enhancing the image of the brand. The brand’s corporate identity rests on our core values. The PLG new logo is distinctive, simple, elegant, vibrant and catchy.


Our History

Prince Luxury group (PLG) was Founded in 2015 by Omoha Nduka John (Prince Omoha) as a private limited liability company by shares. Over the years, The company has rapidly expanded into a Group of fully-fledged diversified in various key Sectors of the Nigeria Economy


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