Prince Omoha Set For New Project With Huge Investment Opportunities

The Chairman and CEO of Prince Luxury Group, Mr Omoha Nduka John, better known as Prince Omoha, a real estate entrepreneur and investor has said he is ready to disrupt the architectural landscape of the country with a new project that would not only redefine ‘luxury’ but also presents huge investment opportunities to investors.

According to him, his company, Prince Luxury Group will be offering over 20% Return on Investment (ROI) in 24 months “In order to satisfy investors with mouth-watering deals on the investment, especially at this time when businesses are just bouncing back from the Covid 19 pandemic, Prince Luxury Group is offering over 20% ROI in 24 months. In Nigeria today, treasury bills are sitting at 3%. Real Estate and Prince Luxury Group remain the ultimate investment options for savvy investors with more than 20% ROI in 2 years,” he states.

“A 4 Bedroom Terrace you are buying today for N75,000,000, million will be sold at N150,000,000 upon completion, giving you over 200% ROI in 2 years.” Omoha adds.

Explaining what the project entails Omoha says it converges two distinctly opposing entities; luxury and affordability, in a bid to put an end to the ‘average class luxury’ in real estate in Nigeria.

“The new project is coming to disrupt architectural imagination and introduces a new trend whose features and facilities cannot be found anywhere in Nigeria,” he declares with an air of authority.

Omoha boasted that upon completion the project will not only compete with the best estate in Nigeria but with other notable luxury homes around the world, citing that the inspiration was stirred by the iconic architectures from Dubai, reiterating that the project stands at the very core of sophistication, art and architecture.

“In bringing this project to life, the company did not only scrutinized projects around Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the country, studying the best estate projects in Lagos. Armed with this privileged information, Prince Luxury Group created exclusive features and facilities that gives a competitive edge over its counterparts,” he adds.

Prince Omoha Nduka has distinguished himself in the real estate sector in Nigeria and has received numerous awards including Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, Real Estate Investor of the Year 2019. He has also got several nominations and listed among Forbes Africa 30 under 30 class of (2021).

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