Prince Luxury Group enters a new chapter with new brand identity

Nigeria’s Leading real estate company, Prince Luxury Group has refreshed a new brand that will position it as a conglomerate company, rather than a real estate company. The brand refresh includes forgoing golden PLG in typographic lettering style with a crown on top surrounded with royal crafts golden in navy blue, in favour of a combining five-point star with a unique customised shape letters P-L-G in predominant red on white and white on a red background in a square shape.

PLG’s expansion drive is to become a fully-fledged conglomerate company. In February 2021, the group incorporated a new subsidiary, GoGo Express Limited, a logistics company committed to providing extensive logistics services through innovative Morden technologies, and in May 2022 the group incorporated another subsidiary, Bonaqua Bottled Water Limited, a mineralised bottled water company which is expected to be lunch by the end of this year.

The company said its rebranding is an extension and visual representation of PLG’s “refreshed strategy”, amid vision 2030 and premised on leading and creating value to our society.

The Chairman and CEO, Prince Luxury Group, Prince Omoha Nduka, says, “the rebranding exemplifies PLG’s commitment to continually redefining the way people live and developing our nation as well as creating values for our shareholders.”

“The original identity just wasn’t conveying the wonderful products story, or appearing premium enough for the growth of our businesses, This rebrand will help shift public perception of the PLG brand and also influence its market and growth,” Omoha added

The group currently offers a range of services such as real estate development, logistics, construction, sales and marketing of properties and stock investments.

Prince Luxury Group is a privately owned conglomerate company, founded in 2015. The group has its presence in two countries, Nigeria and Hong Kong with its headquartered in Lagos.

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